Thursday , 21 October 2021

Services and Facilities

  • There are two lounges with TV’s, a dining room and a courtyard.
  • Equipment provided ensures the comfort and safety of residents. This includes profiling beds, air mattresses, lifting and standing hoists, bucket chairs, a Jacuzzi and a minibus with wheelchair access.
  • The home provides a minibus for outings, shopping and associated trips, which will aid the individual to be able to socialise and give added interest to outdoor activities.
  • A garden at the centre of the care home offers a place to relax, and a chapel provides a spiritual retreat.
  • The grounds are safe and accessible by wheelchair.
  • Families can visit at anytime and take residents out. Accommodation is available for those wishing to stay overnight (see Holidays).
  • Day to day maintenance problems are dealt with by our in house Site Services team.
  • Vinyl flooring is present throughout the building which eliminates the unpleasant smells associated with carpets.

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