Thursday , 21 October 2021

Penrhos Polish Home – About us

EaglePenrhos Polish Home is owned by the Polish Housing Society Limited, a registered charitable organisation founded in 1949 to provide accommodation and support to Polish ex-service men and women who remained in the UK following World War II.

The old air base at RAF Penrhos was chosen because it had served as a demobilization camp for Polish servicemen after the war, and the facilities on site were ideal to provided instant accommodation.

Over time, the wooden barracks were replaced by purpose built flats suitable for elderly people requiring sheltered housing, residential and nursing care.

What had started as a former air base became a “Polish Village” with a church, library, common rooms, shop and allotments.

The home lies in approx. 20 acres of grounds with a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowers and lawns surrounding the buildings on the site. There is a walled garden and plenty of areas where residents may walk knowing that they are safe within the boundary of the Home.

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